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Exhibition in the Granary. The collection consists of objects belonging to the victims. They include everyday objects (dishes, cutlery), fragments of gold, silver and metal jewellery, buttons, coins, shoes, bars of soap, shavers, fragments of false limbs. A separate place is occupied by objects connected with religious cult: scraps of parchment – probably coming from the Tora, kiddish glass cups, candlesticks, stars of David, Shabbat bread knife. The exhibits include implements used by tailors and cobblers, as well as keys attesting to the belief of the victims in returning to their abandoned homes. The Holocaust objects also include children’s toys (miniature animals, dreydl), badges of Jewish organisations. 

The exhibits presented in the Granary were acquired thanks to archaeological excavations carried out in Rzuchowski Forest (since 1986) and in the village of Chełmno (since 1997). These are priceless mementos left by the 200,000 victims who died in the camp.



Museum of the Former German Kulmhof Death Camp in Chełmno on Ner

Branch of the Martyrdom Museum in Żabikowo

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